Setting Up A Secure Wireless Network (Part 2)

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WAN IP stands for Wide Area Network and it how you communicate to many other websites and people on the net. Your WAN IP address I just grabbed for you personally personally and just now should be correct but since you are behind a Proxy server then the WAN IP listed above will be no good as to be able to only show the Proxy which are usually connecting simply by. If you do not know exactly what a Proxy server is you’ll be able to should be ok. Put down sd-one and read on.

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They will read, watch, download, and obtain this solution from and also your use it in their business. This works for them, they will come for you to you the next time they’ve got a problem and they will keep ever coming back because you provide these a valuable solution to their problem.

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Take this opportunity to you can make your network a great deal more secure. Get new default password to an individual one and jot it down an individual won’t no way and want to resort to restarting the router in the future. Also change the SSID in addition to name of your connection. Normally, this is in the default setting too which becomes a lot of vulnerable to hackers. Change it out to one you can even not forget. Now, you have virtually locked your wireless router. Save the settings and leave.